Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thunder Drift Mustache Style Full Track Drift Event

You can't really get a grasp on how big Thunder Hill Raceway is until you try walking around the track. Even though I didn't reach every end of the track, the few spots I did venture out to, really left me winded after the long up and down hill walks. Made me wish I had left some equipment at home. After viewing the footage, I felt the angles I got were a little bland and dull, but hopefully at least the drift community can appreciate it.

The day consisted of a lot of good drivers on Thunder Hill's 15 mile course and a lot of great mustaches. Sorry, you won't see any in this video, but I wish I did capture some of the great staches that day. "Mustache Style" was just one of many fun themes Geoff Pitts can cook up. Drivers actually received a $20 discount if they came with an upper lip sweater. Mustaches only. All other facial hair had to be removed or drivers would not receive the discount. I wonder what Geoff will think of next. Be sure to check thunderdrift.com to see when the next crazy themed event will be.

I honestly had a rough day shooting. I've never been out on course with my camera before, I feel the some what boring footage shows that. I have to thank Geoff Pitts for the media pass that was provided to me. I feel this will give me the experience needed to film an event like this in the future. I hope you enjoy the video and please send me comments, positive or negative. You can reach me here, on vimeo or at localstreethero@gmail.com.

Andrew Zaragoza


majormotionpictures said...

I'm the one in the silver coupe with the yellow wheels on the back.

I absolutely love this video.


Local Street Hero - Andrew Zaragoza said...

Thank you! You were killing it out there. High speeds and lots of tire smoke. Can't wait to catch you on camera again soon.