Thursday, November 12, 2009

Andre Williams, Jingle Ball Star Search

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Its been a while since I've had something to post up here, I do apologize. I've been working with Vchi Studios and learning SO much. Filming different things than I'm accustomed to, but still enjoying every second of it. So much so that I've ventured on a solo project of my own. Filming, directing, editing, etc etc, the conclusion, I hope to do this for the rest of my life. I recently hooked up with the extremely talented Andre Williams to put together this gem.

Andre is not your average Joe. He has one of the best voices you will ever hear, but do not let that voice fool you. This artist can submit beautiful music, and put you in a submission hold. Andre trains and is a well balanced Jujitsu student. He trains along side professional fighter David Terrell in Santa Rosa, CA on a regular basis. In this video, Andre showcases some of his techniques, but we couldn't film all of them. You never know when an opponent is watching trying to get an edge. Even as good a fighter Andre is, when it comes to music, you really can see what a talented individual he is. To watch him pick up a mic, no warming up, no play list, nothing, yet still sing as if he had been doing it all night. Its seems so effortless when watching him produce such perfect vocals. I had some camera mic issues, but you still can hear how great of a singer he is.

Andre is competing in 107.9 The End's "Jingle Ball Star Search" competition. Out of 100 plus contestants, Andre has made it to the top 10! The voting has already started, but I wanted to help out a good friend. It pains me to see someone like Andre not being able to make music everyday because of not getting "that shot". We sought out to try and get Andre some exposure, let everyone know him a little better, and GET MORE VOTES! Hopefully after watching this, you will be convinced enough to log onto and register and vote for Andre Williams. He could use every vote possible. Please take the time to register and vote, maybe this could be Andre's big break and we can all help a local man come up in this music industry.

I had so much fun making this, I hope you all enjoy it. Again, please go to and click on the "Jingle Ball Star Search" link. Or go to

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