Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Star Bash X

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This year's All Star Bash did not disappoint. I hope in this video you can get some sense of the speeds these drivers are hitting, the angle they're getting, and how close they're getting to each other! Just Drift really knows how to throw a "bash" and Ziptied, as well as their peers, really know how to drive. I said it this time last year, All Star Bash is the best drift event anyone can attend in the entire United States. A year later and I still stick by that statement. The people on and off the track make this quite the amazing experience. I must thank Charlie, Just Drift Staff, Drivers and all the station workers who helped make this possible.

All Star Bash is an invite 2 day extravaganza. The best of the best come out and show off their cars and show off their driving. Amateur to semi pro to full on professional drivers were on display. The event itself isn't like that of any other. Its just one big party on and off the track. The first day is on Streets of Willows at Willow Springs raceway, this continues on through the night for the Team Tandem Competition and on the second day drivers are allowed to hit Horse Thief Mile, a mountain style course. Although there is a competition at night, the main purpose of this event is to have fun. I think I speak for everyone in attendance when I say we reached our goal. Even those who had car issues can agree we had fun. Drivers helping other drivers in fixing their cars or fixing their problems on the track, ASB is just a great environment all around. I wish everyone could experience All Star Bash. If you were sitting on the fence of going this year, you missed out! When the next ASB arrives, don't miss your opportunity, you must go.

With the addition of my new Canon T2i, I was able to run two cameras at the same event for the first time. David Perez did and exceptional job, even though he had never even touched a Canon HV20. The image quality is very noticeable, but I think it worked out well. The extreme winds made audio from three sources (Canon T2i, HV20 and Zoom H2) unusable. A higher end wind screen for the H2 is definitely a must after this. Luckily we have the great sounds from the .Label Media Group.  El Rob, E.C, Monsrock, and Elephant Gun came in BIG with the soundtrack to this years ASB-X. If you like what you heard, most of their music is down loadable FOR FREE. Just visit The .Label Blog and have a listen and down load what you like. 

The highlight of the event for me is something I didn't think I would see so soon. Three maniacs from Nor-Cal go to So-Cal compete in the biggest event of the year and come home as winners of the Team Tandem Competition! I was amazed at how well everyone drove, but especially Ryan Kado, Yee Xion, and Julian Jacobs. In the video you can see how fast and how close they are to each other on almost every run. I'm extremely proud of these guys on the inspiring win down at Willow Springs.  At the end of the video, you can see just what an amazing event ASB-X is. Where else will you find that many cars, on track, drifting at high speeds? NO WHERE! Direct from Ryan Kado, "If you are going to go to one drift event in your life, make sure it is All Star Bash". Couldn't agree more.

I hope you enjoy the ASB-X montage. I had some computer problems, but nothing as major as I had thought. Took much longer than expected, but during the editing phase of this video, I shot two more events and found my self back logged quite a bit. Thanks to everyone who made this happen, BIG thanks to David Perez for filling in as my second camera man, you have quite the artistic mind. I can't wait to work with David again. I wish I could say it is time to sit back and relax, but I'm off to edit some more footage. What am I saying, I love doing this! I GET to go edit some more! Follow me on twitter at and receive all the latest updates on videos as well as when they are released.

Thank you for watching,
Andrew Zaragoza
Hero Productions - Vchi Studios

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