Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling the heat at Thunder Drift!

Its been 7 months since the last time I paid a visit to Thunder Hill in Willows, Ca. Enough time to forget exactly how hot it can get. Having the hot sun beat down on you with only a hat for shade, it can be unbearable for some. Only few can take it, luckily, I love to film or else I would have packed it in early. I miss driving drift events, but with every event I film, I enjoy being part of the media more and more. I took this opportunity to play with a few settings on my camera, as well as test out my new Velbon UP 40DX II, which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who shoots similar footage. The mono pod allows you to be very mobile. I was running up and down the skid pad, jumping on barriers with ease. Get one, you will love it. I recommend this particular mono pod because it has a smooth tilting head. That is a huge advantage over other stationary mono pods.

The video itself is not the most exciting one. I was not able to get many angles, its just a big square skid pad, 4 corners, basically 4 angles. Not only was there minimal spots to shoot from, but there were not many drivers. I don't remember what the exact number was, but it was very few as you can see from the video. Good thing the drivers were good so I got some great footage. A bitter sweet moment when I filmed the collision with the wall, we hate to see it, but at least we got the shot. The video was shot in 60i HDV. I moved away from shooting 24 frames per second in this video, it seems like shooting 60 frames makes for a cleaner look for fast moving objects. I tested out many different shutter speeds, from 1/8th to 1/2000th. The majority is in 1/100th, the others will be for testing that I might post up soon. This day was meant to fine tune some settings and do some experiment's before All Star Bash in Socal next week. Be on the look out for that one! For now enjoy what I have so far, and please comment with anything that's on your mind after watching this video. Follow to vimeo for the best quality by clicking on the title. Any questions, email me at localstreethero@gmail or post here or on the vimeo page.

Hero Productions
Andrew Zaragoza (Local Street Hero)

ThunderDrift 7-18-09 Thunder Hill Willows, Ca from Andrew Zaragoza on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

i from nor-cal and i have to say thunder drift is fail as fuck . hella understeer ugly ass cars. nor-cal step ya game up before you get on video .
FROM: NORCALBeast(ma70)

Local Street Hero - Andrew Zaragoza said...

These guys didn't ask to be filmed, I just did because I love to film. So they didn't have time to get dressed up for the video. ThunderDrift events are the only constant events we have up here, and its much better than nothing. I have to ask, were you at the event? Do you own a car that is "Pass" instead of fail? Have you stepped your game up? Not trying to start a war here, but if you have a big enough problem with what you see, come out to an event or two and show everyone what you think its suppose to be like. Until then, your thoughts and opinions mean nothing to the drivers from that day. Help norcal drifting by drifting, not by talking about how everyone else sucks. Peace.

David Knuckles said...

NORCALBeast (ma70) is mad because there arn't any supras in the video,sucks for you lil kid but its ok im sure fast & the furious will bring your sprit back.

People like you help Nor-Cal out in no way what so ever,they just gay Nor-Cal up....great job fag!

on another note..
good vid,nice song,practice makes perfect! i can't wait to see the HTMxStreets video!
Big ups to Geoff and ThunderHill!